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SimBro 1.4 Posted

2016-09-05 16:15:42 by Marune


  • Fetish system. You'll have to enable it at the game start. Or you can change it during play through option menu. Those options work for each save separately.
  • Condom / Pregnancy fetish. It's more immersive then gamechanging thing. You can choose if you are going to use condom or not. Then you can see changes at the daily reports and visually. Actually altering all existing animations, to get that belly works took a lot of time. Mostly to figure out how to make it right. We haven't touched STD theme yet.
  • Notoriety system. Now all your nasty actions can give you notoriety, that brings cops to pay you a visit. You can see the current level in the 'Account' report.
  • Now you can offer your slaves to clients. You won't get any reputation for this, but twice as much of notoriety.
  • New location Hospital, where you can change boobs size or get rid of pregnancy (if you enabled such fetish).
  • Also you can hire there a nurse. You'll figure out how to do it. They are generated from different pool then slums girls. So - less bad traits. (For now only for male play. We need to draw more lesbo scenes.)
  • Threesomes in showers for female play. Just bring two males in your party with you.
  • New music themes for Dating, Hitomi, Holding cells and Reception (Enormous thanks to Mr.L)
  • Changed day messages panel. Someone told us that many modal windows with messages is bad. So we made only one with all reports you can scroll.
  • Added bunch of animation for bedroom. Girl on top, from behind, plus reused those from Orra event.
  • Added skip option for female play when you bring a customer to your cabinet.


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2016-09-05 20:43:12

Haven't played that far into this update, but is it possible for pregnant npcs to give birth and lose their pregnancy naturally?


2016-10-13 10:21:10

Hot Keys! Seriously. I know you got the 1,2,3 number keys mapped the text box, but you need to map other actions to the keyboard. Like A for Accounts and S for Sleep and Space for the General Next button. (Try to keep them on the left side of the keyboard *winkwink*)
Thanks for reading, and thanks for the game. It's really great.


2016-10-13 12:09:43

Also, my Julia is official ten-months pregnant. I like the inclusion of pregnancy, but there should be also being birthing and with the option of "child support" or something like that.