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SimBro v1.3 posted

2016-07-31 16:04:14 by Marune


  • Playing as female you can deal with collectors using your charm (and special service) (try double options)
  • New gloryhole options (Double clients for female, you can join the party as a male)
  • Now you can meet Alice in the glory hole room, if she isn't busy at any other room (repeatable)
  • Visit the Bar as male and female (drink alkohol to restore ST or talk her to show boobs)
  • Barmaid can give you escort requests you can send your girls to work on (we are going to add personal escort quest for female main character)
  • Next Alice date scene after you catch her in the GH room
  • Now you can build an additional floor.
  • Changed debug options, to alter voice and eye colour
  • Now you can summon anyone just drag n drop them to your cabinet.
  • On level 3 your girls whores obtain a nickname (you can change and type yours at the staff panel)
  • Added new cheat for 100% security
  • New female voices added
  • A lot of bugs fixed, big thanks to DragonFire, Apocrypha, Fero


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