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SimBro v1.2 posted

2016-06-30 16:05:23 by Marune


  • A big location added - Bank. We created 3 new backgrounds for places inside the bank itself. You'll find new characters there, Secretary Eva and loan manager Claus. They are providing you with some services - pay for your debt upfront (and get a delay for thugs visit), or get a new loan (that can help to grow your brothel bigger earlier in the game). Of course it's not so easy to convince them.
  • Lewd actions towards loan manager. You can try to bribe or seduce him (if you are playing as a female character), or bring your girl to do this work.
  • Are we able to hire Eva? Yes, there is a special story to do so.
  • New rare trait available - Nympho. Girl won't suffer any mood penalties after sex.
  • Now you can enter Mystery room in female play. For now there is working authorization event with her.
  • After authorization Hitomi can upgrade your dildo to strapon. So you can use it on her and your crew girls.
  • We added a lot of new unique animations along with all bank and female play options. We are going to bring them to 'generic' situations. We need to settle upgradable furniture system first, because some of new animations require a specific furniture to work.


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