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SimBro v1.1 Posted

2016-06-07 14:54:59 by Marune


  • New female body types. "Normal", "Big" and "Sporty" at your disposal. Now all new girls you met can have a different body build, unless you turned off it in the options menu. We added that option for male bodies as well. Of course you can select it while generating a new character.
  • New Alice and Julia event. Be sure to gain max relationship with them first. Also we removed date restrictions for Christmas dream event.
  • Added notification when your game saves successfully or not.
  • Upgraded cheat/development mode. Now you can select and repeat game events. The game will temporary disable further saves to avoid ruining the natural course of events.
  • Now your crewmembers receive exp daily just working in Reception, Maid's and Security rooms. 
  • New character request quest. Speak to Hitomi one more time to get another travel/hunt.
  • Finally we chased and put down that nasty bug with Android hangs and moans. 
  • Plus fixed a lot of smaller bugs, including Alice dating and stuff.
  • We made some changes to make the game better to different devices screen size.


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2016-06-08 00:16:54

I know you are supposed to try and do it as fast as possible, but could you do something about the debt for longer games? One of my saves has over 6 million but when they come to collect they only ask for 800 at a time. A way to pay it all when you have the money would be helpful. I enjoy the game very much.