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SimBro v1.0 Posted

2016-04-30 16:04:37 by Marune

You can find the game here -


  • Added a bunch of casual outfits. From school outfits/redneck to sporty and goth. Big thank to Mr.Wape. All of them you can find in the game to dress your girls.
  • We made that client now can ask for a special outfit. We decided not to go with micromanagement stuff much. So game will search if girl has a required outfit in her wardrobe and automatically put it on. But remember that your girls have their own wardrobes without sharing of clothes (But maybe we should consider it, or make an event from it)
  • Dildos! Now your female MC can use it to have fun alone and replenish her mood, or you can use it while interacting with another girl. Or even some male can ask to join you two. We went to far to add leveling system to dildos. Haven't decided all features from it, but now it brings more pleasure from using.
  • Also you can have threesomes playing a male MC, just need a few free girls with a good mood. She'll offer to bring a company herself.
  • Yoko adventure. As many of you have guessed correctly - visit the mystery room again. 
  • At last moment we decided to add feature to let you play as a special fun-fiction characters for a brothel owners. For now you can get Yoko after you unlock her.
  • Plus new translation language - Turkish. French is still in the process.


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