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SimBro v0.9 posted

2016-04-04 10:41:41 by Marune


  • New male bodies. Now you can select among 'skinny', 'normal' and 'muscular'. And yes, we are going to add female body variations =)
  • Staff screen. We made some changes due to complains about it. Now there are sorting tabs for males/females/slaves and options to find who gained a levelup. A single click on a character panel brings old character sheet (with summon button) to appear. And you can still drag and drop portrait icon to a room.
  • Security room. Now your girls receives payment after the 'action' and some clients might just run away. You can build security rooms and assign strong crew memebers there to prevent it. Select your security room to see your safety level. This treat tied to a difficulty level.
  • Staff room. To improve daily gain of mood for your girls. Also we planned to add scenes there like in showers.
  • Talking about showers. Now you can meet Julia there with her own scene.
  • Glory Hole room. When you see that someone asked for a gloryhole room in the daily report - it's time to build some. You can assign a girl there, or work by yourself if you are playing as a female. 
  • Updated slave's treatment. Now you can handle them by yourself or invite your party members. Together you can manage to convince a slave to work for you.


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2016-04-12 00:50:28

I drained my slave of all her stamina but when i talk to her after, the text still states that she is not exhausted enough. Am I doing this wrong or is this a bug.