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SimBro v0.8 posted

2016-02-29 15:20:23 by Marune

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  • Added different moan voices for girls. So your girls will have own voices, which can be checked in a usual way while you are hiring them.
  • Options panel now available during the game (so you can mute the sound or change the difficulty on the fly)
  • Cum selector for most controlled sex scenes (We added cum in animations for most of poses)
  • Updated generate settings for male and female characters (face / hair / eyes / voice)
  • Now you can enter to shower location. There are new activities and encounters for male/female characters. Just don't close the showers door.
  • New Alice event related to shower (Be sure to lower her dignity to 50 first)
  • Mystery room activities. That pale girl will explain you everything in the game. (For now available only for male play.)
  • Added a simple 'Release' button for slaves. That's a temporary measure. 
  • Plus some bugfixing


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2016-03-21 13:17:21

what do I need to upgrade to be able to recruit girls from the bar